Monday, October 10, 2011

What to watch for with the Greece problem

Here is a list of issues that have to be solved for the Greek problme to go away.

The sell-of of assets - Th privatization is not taking place. Asset sales have to occur to reach debt targets.  Once the sales occur, workers have to be willing to follow tasks to profit maximize. This cultural in not easy.

Tax revenues and lay-off of government workers -We are seeing less revenue. Greeks are not paying taxes, so it will be hard to dig out of this hole. The VAT is not being paid by businesses. Workers still have to be laid off. the structural problems still exist.

The write-down of debt - Banks will have to write down debt and there will be a hit to capital. Banks will have to be recapitalized and or nationalized. This is still in the works. 

Country intransigence - Countries have to agree on further bail-outs. We are see small countries like Finland not willing to play ball. There needs to be agreement across all countries not just France and Germany.

The package delay - There has been a package of funds available set for specific target dates. Every target date is a point of uncertainty that will not go away anytime soon. 

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