Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Adding complexity to avoid the truth

Seth Grodin provides a nice comment on the sophistication of truth and the fact we hide behind complexity in an effort to avoid our fears of failure. How my times have we heard ourselves or other hide behind a wall of complexity.

The sophistication of truth

A common form of complexity is the sophistication of fear.
Long words when short ones will do. Fancy clothes to keep the riffraff out and to give us a costume to hide behind. Most of all, the sneer of, "you don't understand" or, "you don't know the people I know..."
"It's complicated," we say, even when it isn't.
We invent these facades because they provide safety. Safety from the unknown, from being questioned, from being called out as a fraud. These facades lead to bad writing, lousy communication and a refuge from the things we fear.
I'm more interested in the sophistication required to deliver the truth.
These take fearlessness. This is, "here it is, I made this, I know you can understand it, does it work for you?"
Our work doesn't have to be obtuse to be important or brave.

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