Monday, September 29, 2014

The Culture Map - good for understanding international investors

Finished reading The Culture Map - Breaking through the invisible boundaries of global business by Erin Meyer. This is an important book for any one who works with other groups around the world or markets to international investors. Culture matters. Different countries thinking and act different or more precisely they differ on a spectrum of behavior that can be measured. If you do not understand this cultural spectrum, there will a high degree of misunderstanding.

The insightful author breakdown cultural differences base don eight scales.

Communicating - Does the culture speak in high or low content, that is, is there significant unsaid meaning in a conversation as is the case in high content?
Evaluating -  Is negative feedback direct or indirect?
Persuading - Is form based on providing the formal principals employed or are the conclusions or applications presented first?
Leading -  Is it command and control or more democratic?
Deciding - Are decisions made by the boss or through building a consensus?
Trusting - Is trust based on relationships or through the effective completion of tasks?
Disagreeing - Does the culture or accept confrontation?
Scheduling - Are schedules flexible or very strict?

The table below provides some differences in culture. It is a handy guide of what you may be dealing with when you market or work with others. It can also explain why you are not being understood by others around the world.

This was an eye-opening book that breezed by quickly with good prose and story-telling. If you are a global businessman, you should read this book.

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